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Letter to my Mom

Dear Mommie

Today I have turned 30 years old.  It has been an interesting and bumpy 3 decades, and I don’t mind telling you that I have a few regrets and I wish I had done some things differently.  But there is one thing that I would never change…YOU!

I am so glad, and proud, and honored, that you are my mom.  Because of you I will always have snacks in my car.  I will always be able to take command of a room, just by walking into it.  I will be able to look any situation in the face and not let it know that I am afraid of it.

I have always had the cool mom.  The mom that everybody wished was there mom.  The mom that all the other kids called mom…much to my displeasure.  I know that sometimes you doubted yourself.  You were concerned that decisions that I made reflected how I felt about you; I want to lay that to rest here and now.  NOTHING that I have done was your fault.  You did good by me.  I take responsibility for all of my actions.  

Sure there were some parts that I didn’t like, but that is a part of life and growing up. You have set a wonderful example for me not only as a woman but as a future mother…the distant future.  I know that I can always come to you for help if I even just to talk or to sing with.

Mommie, I LOVE YOU more than you will ever know.  Happy Anniversary to You and Me!

Love Always


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