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2018 Bestie Roadtrip- theFATphtog

I do this thing where I go places and I take pictures and I don’t do anything with them and then wonder what I am doing with my life.  “You are wasting your talents!” In short…

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So this is a story all about how… me and my best friend went on a road trip from Orlando to Baltimore earlier this year.

We started a little early.  We were supposed to go to a Renaissance Faire for her birthday and during our coffee stop, decided that we should just go to Tampa and take pictures of the sunset instead.  Since it was high noon we made some pitt stops.  First stop was to Walmart to get some regular clothes.  Why we didn’t just turn around when we got coffee, considering that we were less than a mile away, is beyond me, but that is just us. Anyway we stopped at Hillsborough National Park.

Funny Story: So we got turned around and decided to look for Lake Hillsborough.  This led us to some RANDOM place that was definitely NOT Hillsborough.  I think it was an off flow from the lake.  But it took us to this little “neighborhood” like place.  And not the nicest of neighborhoods either!  This is why I still say don’t trust Google Maps!  But we did finally get there, safely.  We didn’t get poison ivy and Bestie did not fall into the lake; although it was touch and go for a minute there. 

We made a stop in Ybor City where we found this really cool vintage store that sold dresses…IN MY SIZE, but not my price range and Bestie got some Sunglasses, the cream ones in the top picture, that I am still jealous of, even though she lost them in the ocean (not during this trip).

Now on to the ACTUAL road trip!

First stop was, WAWA, but the first OFFICIAL stop was St. Augustine.  I practiced the art of creeping on couples so that they don’t notice but are still accidentally, sometimes on purpose posing.  I really want to get into Street Photography, but to be honest I am too socially awkward to get out of situations.  Bestie, who by the way is also a photographer, is so much better at it than me.  She will just take pictures, which she also never does anything with, like it’s nothing.  I’m just like, “Girl!  They are going to see you!”  She doesn’t care.  

I realized how, outside of Disney, I trust moms.  Especially Moms with lots of children.  In Disney, I think that moms are worse than 3 year olds and will lie to you as soon as breathe. Outside of Disney they are endless vats of knowledge.  The woman who lives two floors above me introduced herself to me as “The Mom of Many Children” when she told me to be careful that it was supposed to rain, I turned around and got an umberella.  Sure enough, it rained two hours later.  I had never seen a Clam Bed.  But random St. Augustine Mom, with 7 children in tow, adopted me and Bestie for the 5 minutes that we followed her; pointing out driftwood and shells that would hurt our feet if we stepped on them.  

We were supposed to stop in Savannah, GA but that didn’t happen.  By the time we got there it was after 8 and there was nothing open.  We just kept going and got a hotel so we didn’t have to sleep in the car.  Bestie was all for car sleeping, I was not.  “My degrees cost too much for me to have to sleep in a DAMN car!”  They next day we stopped in Charleston, SC.  

It is important to note that possibly the BEST part of this Bestie Roadtrip was not documented.  It was an Automatic Pancake Maker.  Please search it!  It is a real thing and it is FLIPPIN’ AWESOME! (Disclaimer: It does not actually flip pancakes. 

Anywho!  Charleston.  I’m not going to lie to you.  I went to Charleston in search for Rhett Butler.  I always read in the comments to K-Dramas, that the main character has ruined all men for them.  While Ji-Chang Wook in Healer and Sung Hoon in EVERYTHING come close…they do not hold a CANDLE to Rhett Butler.  Captain Rhett Butler has been the measuring stick to which I compare all men since I was 7 years old.  If I was going to get swept away into a wind blown hair, ripped off the shoulder bodice romance,  it would be in the streets of Charleston.  Alas, Rhett was not to be found at the bottom of any winding staircases.

We finally made it to Baltimore, unscathed and a little tired.  We stayed with my cousin.  I had borrowed his car while I was working in Florida, after my car met her untimely demise; that is another story for another bottle of Tequila.  I was going to stay for a couple days before coming back to Chicago and Bestie would go back to Florida.  But we had One Short Day in the Capital City!

We took the train from Baltimore to DC, you would think that Bestie had never been on Public Transit before; but she had…I was with her then too.  She may have no fear when it comes to taking pictures of people without their knowledge or consent; but public transit TERRIFIES her!  Remind me to tell you about the first time she took an Uber. 

The Cherry Blossoms were in bloom, but there was an EVIL cold snap that was plucking them off.  The Cherry Blossom Festival was still going on and there was a really good band!  The lead drummer was a little upset that it was so cold that they had to wear jackets and cover up their new shirts but such is the life of a musician right!  I actually love photographing musicians.  I like to photograph passion whether it is music, dance, cooking, what ever your passion is, I like to catch that.

These days I am just trying to get out there and take more pictures.  If you know any cool places, in the Midwest, that you think I should check out…let me know!

Angel and Carmen