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I’m going on an ADVENTURE!

Warning…this is a semi long post with a LOT of backstory.

Where do I begin with this? If I start from the beginning, it could be very confusing. This is still ongoing so I can’t really start at the end. So, let’s do it in Star Wars release order. Starting in the middle, going back to the origin, and then leaving it open to continuation.

Beginning of the End

In 2017, I was introduced to Korean entertainment; more on that later. Maybe a different post. I began planning what would be a 2-week vacation, started learning the language and soaking up everything I could find. My job allowed me to work at a different location during the off-season so that I could continue to save for said vacation, which in the back of my head I knew that I would never take.

See, I have a tendency to plan things, mainly vacations and large purchases, and will work really hard to get them but never actually do it; with very few exceptions. One such exception was a new car. I saved up all that I could so that I could get a new car and with the help of Carvana I was able to purchase a 2016 Ford Fiesta which I named Celia, after Celia Cruz.

I took my brand new car and drove down to Florida where I would be staying with a friend and working as many hours as I could so that I could take a Korean Vacation for my 31st Birthday. Twenty days after I was given the keys, I got lost on the way home and didn’t see the stop light. Celia got into a fight with a pickup truck and lost.

The good news is that I was perfectly fine. No bumps, scratches, or pain. The bad news is that the entire front half of the car was gone. From the windshield forward was crunched and crumpled and in shards across the road along with the full tank of gas that I had just purchased that morning.

The aftermath of the accident is a slight blur. I remember my phone dying, my best friend magically showing up and taking me home, and throwing up as soon as we got there. I remember drinking the biggest bottle of wine I could find and eating french fries for 24 hours. I gave myself 24 hours to “grieve” and “mope” and then I started a new plan of attack. Eventually after a slight intervention from several people and being reminded that I had insurance for a reason I went to the doctor for the Post Accident Check Up.

Divine Intervention?

I went to the hospital they looked me over and I was given a clean bill of health. I then explained to the doctor, what exactly happened and showed her the pictures what was left of my car. After explaining that, no the Jaws of Life were not required to remove me from the car and looking over me one more time, she exclaimed with Saucer Eyes that I was a Walking Miricle. That most people do not get out of the car and walk away after an accident like that. She said that GOD had a plan for me and I should really look into figuring out what it is.

Thus my 2-week vacation turned into a potential move. I had been thinking about getting a TEFL Certification and going someplace warm and teach English during the off seasons. My research found that Korea did not offer short term contracts. Luckily for my future students, I was becoming more and more disenchanted with the company I was working for and began planning my escape route to the “Land of the Morning Calm”.

The Force Awakens

So on May 17th, I began the Goodbye Tour, saying goodbye to friends and family and on June 7th I will step into a world unlike any I could even imagine. I’ve done as much research as I can. I have planned as best as I could. I have prayed and meditated and I am about as ready as I will ever get.

I’m excited about this new adventure. I’m nervous that I have just made a dumb mistake to outdo all my previous dumb mistakes. I’m worried I will completely fall on my face in a foreign land where I have no support system and don’t fluently speak the languages or completely understand the culture during this heightened political climate.

But I’m not scared. I know that I am covered by the blood and well prayed over. I have been known to step out of shaky limbs and taking leaps of faith. Granted, this time I feel like I have climbed to the top of a Sequoia. I’m looking forward to the weightless moments of the fall.


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Hey baby girl this sounds like the beginnings of a book about your life experiences. Think about it and don’t put too much on social media. Missing you!! SBA – We got you in prayer.

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